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Miro prints come from the impressive abstract art career of Spaniard Joan Miro. You can read more about the famous artist below. There are also links to the Miro prints gallery where you can buy prints for your own homes, with a large selection available. Miro stuck consistently to this abstract style throughout his career and remains one of the best known Spanish painters of any era or art movement. Joan Miro's style has been used within recent advertisements in Spain and his reputation continues to grow thanks to the contemporary style of his work. You can buy Joan Miro prints at

Bleu II Miro Print

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Blue II is a well known work from Miro's career and you can buy it from the links above which take you through to the Miro prints gallery, which we have used ourselves and are therefore very happy to recommend them. There were a series of Blue paintings by Miro, all in his standard abstract style with a choice of just a few, bold colours. The artist consistently revisited and reinvented his paintings to produce many iterations of each idea and work.

Joan Miro was an artist who enjoyed battling against excepted artistic norms from the academic institutions and prefered to see art develop towards a more abstract, uncontrolled environment which he himself enjoyed. This drive and stubborness is crucial for any artist who is promoting a new method in art, with most struggling to achieve respect for their new art movement until after their own careers have passed by. You can also buy Miro paintings here.

Miro himself was a Catalan/Spanish painter, sculptor, and ceramicist from Barcelona, although it is certainly his paintings which have attracted the most interest globally, and also it is those which are reproduced as prints most frequently by followers of his career. By the end of his life Miro had contributed huge numbers of works in all these different mediums and it is difficult to summarise them to a short list of his key works.

Click here to see the Joan Miro prints gallery now Joan Miro Prints Gallery

Click here to see the Joan Miro prints gallery now

The screenshot above is the gallery which you can click on find many great prints available online from the number one art print retailer in the world. They have a huge collection of his finest paintings ready for your home, with options including stretched canvases, posters, framed or unframed art prints and giclees.

As well as being involved in a variety of art mediums, Miro also was classified in many different art movements as his art was hard to tie down to an exact category within the umbrella of modern and contemporary art. His own ideas were said by many to have been inspired by artists like André Masson, Pablo Picasso, Tristan Tzara and André Breton, and he regularly studied others in his pursuit of excellence.

Miro enjoyed academic acceptance during his career despite his efforts to break away from the instiutions that tended to normally support more traditional artwork. Amongst the awards that he received over his long career were the 1954 Venice Biennale Grand Prize for Graphic Work, the 1958 Guggenheim International Award and the Gold Medal of Fine Arts, Spain in 1980.

L'Oro dell' Azzurro Miro Print

L'Oro dell' Azzurro Art Print by Miro

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Whilst being linked strongly to art movements such as Surrealism, Dada, Personal and Experimental, Miro distanced himself from any classification that could damage his independance and uniqueness as an artist and this difficult nature is common amongst many creative people who value their direction without interference as absolutely fundamental to their satisfaction in themselves and their careers.

Miro has a long list of successful paintings from his career but the best known include the likes of Bleu II, L'Oro dell' Azzurro, Abstract, The Melancholic Singer, The Singing Fish, Torso, The Red Sun, Et Fixe Les Cheveux, Libelle Mit Roten, Night, Dog Barking at the Moon, Femme III, Kopf and Figur Gegen Rote Sonne. Many like different paintings as his career is broad and cannot be summarised into just a few key works like some other artists.

The Artist's Rights Society continues to protect the reputation of Miro since his death in 1983, and all prints offered from this website are simply adverts as an affiliate to who themselves hold all necessary rights to any painting that they feature within their site or offer to their carefully selected affiliates for their own websites.

Fundacio Miro Print

Fundacio Art Print by Miro

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Fundacio is a popular print by Joan Miro from 1975 and offers his usually bright colours contrasting against black with further Spanish writing at the top and bottom of the print, advertising the event who originally commissioned Joan Miro to do the work. The simplicity and choice of colour make it an ideal choice for your home, particularly in one that has a reasonably minimalist style itself.

Miro competed in the The Homage to Surrealism exhibition, coming to the aid of Spain by producing several sculptures and ceramics Maeght Foundation garden in Saint-Paul-de-Vence, France. This was an opportunity for Miro to collaborate with others such as Enrique Tábara, Salvador Dali and Eugenio Granell in this case. At others times in his career he would also set up several other artistic joint-works as he saw it as a way to further expand on his influences and styles.

Later in his career marked the time that Miro concentrated on expanding his art mediums more frequently, taking in murals and sculptures to join his growing portfolio of art prints and oil paintings. Many contemporary masters like Picasso and Miro have had the good fortune of being able to try their hand at almost anything creative that they can think of, and most will encourage them after being sold on the qualities of the artist and their initial paintings.

Fundacion Rodriguez Acosta Miro Print

Fundacion Rodriguez Acosta Art Print by Miro

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Fundacion Rodriguez Acosta is typically Miro, with simple abstract strokes taken with bold colours giving abstract art another great painting worth studying. Other similar painters worth checking out include Pablo Picasso who also covered several different art movements plus also Arshile Gorky.

Whilst studying many of the great masters to expand on his own ideas and inspirations, Miro did receive several forms of mainstream training at an early age which also played an important part in giving Miro the tools to deliver what he was capable of.

Joan Miro will go down as one of the most aggressive contemporary artists of the 20th century, famously promising to declare war on the accepted norm of the art mainstream academics. Fortunately Miro was able to back up his campaign with impressive ideas delivered across many art mediums, helping to spread his reputation rapidly to reach the level that it has now, which is considerable.

Barcelona Soccer Poster Miro Print

Barcelona Soccer Poster Art Print by Miro

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Barcelona was the birthplace of Miro and the city is dominated by the success of it's football club, FC Barcelona and Miro was not one to miss out on this symbol of the city. The artist produced several representations of the club badge within his normal abstract style and these amongst his best known paintings to date.

The club's nickname of Barca was used as headline in many of these works as the artist combined the great reputation of this football club into several series of posters and framed art prints, which the fans of the club naturally loved straight away and continue to buy today when looking for art to fill their own homes with. It is very rare for a football club to represented in art with such a stylish finish.

Limited edition prints by Miro are still available today and continue to interest those looking to combine a passion for art with a desire to make a sensible investment in the future. The Miro prints gallery linked to from this page also contains many limited edition prints which can be bought online from a trusted retailer,

Kopf Miro Print

Kopf Art Print by Miro

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Joan Miro was someone who seldom sought fame and just prefered the acceptance of his own art. He was proud to have come from the region of Catalonia and reveled in the culture of this region. His clean living attitude helped him to focus intently on developing his career and it is a possible reason for his high productivity and long life.

Miro's organised, highly stable manner made him a figure of fun for members of the Surrealist art movement who treated him as someone very much different to themselves in terms of background, even though their paintings had clear similarities. Miro was not particularly concerned with this treatment and was not interested in categorising himself by linking up with established art movements anyway.

Despite his relatively low key personality in comparison to most artists, close inspection of Miro prints indicates a very high level of emotion and message within his paintings, including feelings of sexually charged abstract depictions.

Miro's primitive approach was deliberately aimed at avoiding all previous accepted principles in mainstream art, which he himself was opposed to and prefered to promote the new contemporary art movements of which he was one of the most important artists.

Part of Miro's studies of art included reading poems, art criticism and artists from French or Catalan based resources, such as art books and magazines. Most top artists like Miro will have an incredible hunger for almost any type of art and see each one as an opportunity for experiment rather than it being good or bad in relation to other options.

Miro exhibitions are common because of his popularity across Europe. Miró, Calder, Giacometti, Braque: Aimé Maeght and His Artists ran from 4 October 2008 — 2 January 2009 at the Royal Academy of Arts whilst the Tate will have their own exhibition from 14 April – 11 September 2011 which will also be in London, but entirely deovted to the artist.

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Famous Print Artists Similar To Joan Miro

Miro had a clear style which he stuck to consistently throughout his prints, paintings and sculpture. For those who appreciate his works, the following artists may also be of interest to you because they follow reasonably similar artistic direction. Many of them were also Spanish.

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